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Your Ultimate Survival Guide to a Sensory Friendly Holiday Season

Two down! How many to go? Halloween and Thanksgiving were here with their sweets, pies, costumes, decorations, visitors, expectations, and lots and lots of sensory input. If you’re reading this, then you’ve made it through the first two legs of the holiday seasons perhaps not unscathed but alive and well. But don’t worry, the biggest are just around the corner. So, as you prepare for the presents, the food, the lights, the music, the traditional expectations, the social anxiety, and the sensory overload, take a breath, have a seat, and take a few minutes to read this. Because Sensory Fitness and Lakikid have made the ultimate survival guide to a sensory friendly holiday season.

1. Prepare

I know, I know. This advice is redundant. There is so much preparation that goes into the holidays already. Food, decorations, guests, traveling, holiday movies, and presents. Let’s not forget the presents. With school breaks, holiday trips, sweaty uncles in the guest room, and a change in the schedule, it will also help your kiddo to prepare for the change in routine.

If you are planning a trip, allow your c