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Private Sessions

1st session
is always

Rotational Movement

Get private sessions to move better, feel better, and improve overall strenght, speed, and coordination in any sport or activity you do. Utilize techniques from WeckMethod and increase your range of motion, stability, and cooridnation.  

  • Rolling Ropes

  • RMT Club

  • BOSU Elite

  • ProPulse Speed Trainers

  • Bands

  • Kettle Bells

  • Steel Mace

Matt_Class_Smaller_2023 Feb-25.JPG

Private Adaptive

Adaptive 1 on 1 sessions are uniquely
catered to an individuals sensory and 
motor needs.  Using a foundation of
sensory integration therapy and 
functional fitness, we use what 
motivates a person to get them moving,
feel regulated, and improve posture, coordination, and motor skills.

Adaptive Martial Arts

As a competitor in amateur MMA in Japan, Matt uses his years of experience in wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing, jujitsu, and mixed martial arts to teach a variety of grappling and striking arts. Martial arts are an incredible way to improve strength, coordination, motor skills, self confidence, discipline and are a tremendous benefit to everyone.

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