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A Sensory Approach to Adaptive Fitness

Anyone working with kids or adults on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorder, have ADHD, or any other neurodiversity should take this course! Matt Sloan, owner of Sensory Fitness has developed a fitness program based in sensory and functional fitness principles that empowers the individual, promotes body awareness, and address's strong posture, coordination, and motor skills.


This is a bottom up approach to fitness to promote active participation, motivation, with an emphasis on having fun while improving health both holistic and wholistic.

Course length:                                      

Live: 6 hours

Virtual: 4 hours

Earn CEU's!

A Sensory Approach to PE

PE Teachers! This one is for you! Do you have an adaptive class? Do you work with kids on the autism spectrum, sensory processing disorder, or perhaps struggle with movement, motivation, or chronic behaviors? 

A Sensory Approach to PE provides training on undertanding the sensory needs of all our kids and what we can to to accommodate them and modify the environment. 

We learn which activities could be best utilized to help kids with regulation, engagement, coordination, and posture to ensure they're getting the most out of your PE class. 

Course length:                                      

Live: 4 hours

Educators: A sensory Approach
to working with kids

Matt Workshop_Feb-6.JPG

Hands-on workshops focus on providing teachers and staff a foundational understanding of sensory systems and how they affect kids throughout the day. This workshop provides sensory strategies for working with over reactive and under reactive kids as well as provides specific movement breaks and movements to be used in and out of the classroom. 


This training zeroes in on the importance of movement and review’s specific movements to incorporate throughout the day as well as integrating movement more into the learning environment.

Course Length: 4 hours

Rational Movement Training for Fitness Professionals

Become certified as a WeckMethod Rotational Movement Training© Coach. Unlock your clients movement, intent, and potential in this unique course on movement principles. Get trained in, and receive Bands, Ropes, and ProPulsers©. Amazing tools to utilize rotational movement.

Book your training for your gym or for yourself!

Course Length: 6 hours


This course is for adults living and struggling with ADHD. ADHD is real and affects those with the disorder in more ways than one might think. Come learn practical, evidence based, easy to implement tools to utilize to manage your day, your week, and gain more control over this developmental disorder.

Course Length: 1 hour

A Sensory Approach to Adult ADHD

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