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Matt Sloan is a certified occupational therapy assistant specializing in sensory integration therapy. Matt is also a fitness professional certified as a WeckMethod Master Trainer in Rotational Movement Training©, coach, and has worked as a special education teacher and adaptive PE teacher for kids with social/emotional behavior disorders for over 13 years.


He has been involved in education, fitness, and working with kids and adults of all abilities in a multitude of settings for over 30 years. He is also an accomplished wrestler, practitioner of Muay Thai, boxing, jujitsu, and MMA. Matt has competed in various wrestling, jujitsu, and boxing tournaments and received 3rd place in the All Japan Mixed Martial Arts Tournament in Fukuoka, Japan in 2005.

Matt also struggles with ADHD, dyslexia, and a learning disability in reading comprehension and math calculation. He struggled all through school and attributes making it through all his schooling to his amazing special education teachers and sports. Understanding that ADHD impacts life entirely, not just school, Matt uses sensory and movement strategies to help himself manage his ADHD on a daily basis to navigate work, family, relationships, and all aspects of life. 

It is my mission to improve regulation, motor skills, attention, and self-awareness through promoting movement, intentional activities and play.


Matt now runs Sensory Fitness. A program developed to incorporate sensory integration therapy and integrative fitness. Sensory Fitness is intentional about exercises, games, and activities to stabilize joints, improve coordination, develop motor planning, and build bodies for an organized mind by using sensory strategies and functional fitness. ​ Sensory Fitness also offers in person trainings for parents, educators, health practitioners, and fitness professionals to understand and utilize sensory strategies with their clients, kids, at home, and in their practices.

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