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Sensory Fitness Coaches

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Stephen Kelsey

Personal Trainer - Certified NASM

Lynnwood, WA

Stephen's entire life has revolved around movement. He's passionate about being active and finding fun ways to move. I want to share this passion with clients by helping them improve their ability to move and gain strength. I enjoy using functional exercises, active stretches, and eccentric movements to help reach their goals, and I am flexible when it comes to types of exercises and movements in the program.  At Northcore Performance Training, we focus on helping people live healthier and more confident lifestyles by improving their strength, fitness, and movement. 


Northcore Performance Training

 6925 216th St SW Unit M

Lynnwood, WA 98036

Lauren Mills

Occupational Therapist


At I Can Do It! Kids Clinic, we believe that therapy should be meaningful for the child and their family. It should be the just right challenge that enables the child to experience success, feel strong and connect with others. Each clinician utilizes their knowledge of sensory processing and primitive reflex integration to design activities that support the child to feel safe and regulated within themselves and with the world around them, amplifying the efficacy of any cognitive or functional learning that the child subsequently completes. The key ingredients to any intervention session are creativity, silliness, laughter and most importantly; fun!

Helping kids shine is at the core of who we are and what we do!

I Can Do It! Kids Clinic

Unit 21/ 20-24 Gibbs Street

Miranda NSW 2228

Ph: 02 9531 5201 | 0498 770 414

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Laura Hunt

Athletic Coordinator

Pennsylvania, US

Laura Hunt has a Master of Arts and Teaching degree in K-12 Physical Education from the University of Pittsburgh.  Laura has been teaching at Falk School, University of Pittsburgh since 1997.  Currently, Laura teaches Kindergarten through fifth grade and is the Athletic Coordinator for the Middle School sports programs and is the team leader for K-5 Humanities teachers.  In addition to being a teacher Laura is also a certified personal trainer through NASM.

University of Pittsburgh-Falk School

 4060 Allequippa St

Pittsburgh, PA 15261


Justine Mamootil

Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy Assistant

Western Australia

Justine is a Certificate IV Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Assistant who has a passion for motivating and building confidence in participants that struggle with sensory issues. She is a qualified Sensory Fitness Coach specialising in ASD. Her continuing education includes extensive studies and research into sensory fitness and sensory behaviours. Justine has undertaken Classroom Behaviour Management and Social Skill Training and has completed her training in ABA Therapy.

Justine believes "Participants best learn when moving and mimicking in naturalistic environments". Let's keep moving and evolving to be stronger and better human beings.

Brightstar Warriors

Canning Vale, Perth, Western Australia


P: 0400845452

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