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Online & On-site Workshop For Fitness Professionals, OTs, PTs & PE Teachers

A Sensory Approach to Adaptive Fitness

6 Contact Hours |  Level I Certification

What Makes Our Certification Course Different?

A Sensory Approach to Adaptive Fitness is a fitness program based in sensory integration and functional fitness principles that empowers the individual, promotes body awareness, and address strong posture, coordination, and motor skills.

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Sensory Integration


Fitness Principles

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Mr. Matt is a top notch sensory therapist and fitness guru! He is also super fun and motivating!!

Alex Lopiccolo, COTA/L, CPT, NC
Founder of Sensory Digest

Who Should Take Our Certification Course?

Anyone working with kids or adults on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing, ADHD, or any other neurodiversity in a fitness capacity should take this course!

Intense Training

Fitness Professionals

Basketball Class

Physical Educators Coaches

Speech Therapist

Occupational Therapists


Physical Therapists

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"It was just what I was looking for!! It was the best 4 hours course I have every taken. Very informative!! Matt’s enthusiasm for what he does is inspiring. It was exactly what I was hoping for and better. Excellent!!!



- Beth M.| COTA

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"The Certification Level 1 course was easily one of the most worthwhile Professional Developments of my PE teaching career! Highly engaging and informative, Matt’s course lends itself extremely well to ANY fitness professional working with students with ASD. Strongly recommend!"

- David L. | PE Teacher

Why You Should Take Our Certification Course?

It is the goal of Sensory Fitness to promote intentional activities, modify environments, and elicit understanding of the relationship of how we all process sensory information and our interaction with the world around us emotionally, cognitively, and physically.


By understanding how sensory systems affect behavior and function and the important role of how stability and coordination affect motor responses we can provide our fitness and health professionals, educators, and anyone working with kids or adults with sensory difficulties, such as autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and other neuro-diversities in a physical capacity, new tools from which to pull from to reach goals and advance a better quality of life.

Balance Exercise

"Matt is amazing! So knowledgeable and a great resource for anyone working with people who are neurodiverse. I took his sensorimotor workshop for fitness professionals, and it was outstanding. Packed full of helpful information, including tools and activities I can immediately incorporate into programming with little to no additional equipment needed to get started. I absolutely recommend getting in touch with him if you work with these populations or know anyone who does. He has workshops for everything, and a ton of knowledge to share. Thank you Matt!!"

- Angelina M. | Fitness Trainer

What's Included In The Workshop?


Sensory Processing

  • The affect sensory processing has on our behavior, attention, and function.

  • Sensory disorders and difficulties

  • Sensory Systems

  • Environmental modification/accommodations to meet specific needs

Sensory Activities

  • Create sensory specific activities

  • Tactile

  • Vestibular

  • Proprioception

Play and Motivation

  • Using Play and motivation to promote engagement

  • Sympathetic vs parasympathetic nervous system

  • Somatic literacy

Assessing Sensory Needs

  • Observation of physical and emotional responses

  • Quick Assessments

Alert Levels

  • Brining clients to an alert state (optimal performance range)

  • Recognizing over/under stimulation

  • Warm up/warm down activities



  • The affect posture has on behavior and function

  • The affect motor skills has on behavior and function

Motor Planning

  • I do, we do, you do

  • Obstacle courses

Primitive Reflexe Intervention

  • Impact PR have on function

  • PR assessment

  • PR exercises/activities

Posture intervention

  • Core/Pelvic floor

  • Trunk Control

  • Neck Control

  • Vision

Vision Intervention

  • Impact vision has on whole body function

  • Physical trauma

  • Vision activities

Specialized Equipment

  • Introduction to use of varied specialized equipment for sensory and fitness needs

  • Lycra

  • Scooters

  • Swings

  • WeckMethod

  • Roundbox Fitness

  • Lakikid

Coordination Intervention

  • Midline development

  • Bilateral coordination

  • Grading up/down

Oral Motor Intervention

  • Impact OM has on behavior and function

  • OM activities

Speech Therapist

"Matt's Course covers everything from application of sensory integration theory to tips on fun and effective equipment. Matt himself is knowledgeable and passionate. As an OT and trainer, I highly recommend this interactive workshop!"

- Mallory Reilly
OT, Personal Trainer