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This video series will:

  1. Help you understand your kids behavior

  2. give you strategies to use right at home

  3. show you ways to improve motor skills

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Tactile System


Postural Security

Parents, do you ever wonder why your kid...

  • Has frequent melt downs

  • Runs and crashes around the room

  • Over reacts to soap or dirt

  • Struggles with eating

  • Wont keep clothes on

  • Will not play a sport

  • Struggles with fine motor

Image by Bonnie Kittle

sensory solutions

to challenging behaviors

Kid Clouds_01.png

Why won’t my kids eat certain foods? Why won’t my kid sit still long? Why does my kid get overwhelmed and melt down so easily? Why it takes so long for my kid to do anything? Why does my child wait to use the bathroom right when we're leaving the house? My kid runs everything!


These are typical behaviors for kids that might have difficulty with sensory processing. You are not alone.


More and more kids struggle with sensory processing disorders and other neuro-differences.


Sensory Fitness offers educational videos geared for parents to gain a deep insight into children’s behaviors, strategies to use at home, and specific activities to connect challenges with solutions.

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