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To ensure that children get the attention they need to address their fitness and sensory needs.


Three options  of diverse sensory techniques for mind and body balance and success.


The use of games, exercises, and challenges to build students' confidence, promote health, develop body awareness and improve whole body coordination.

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Attention Fitness Professionals and Adaptive Fitness Coaches!

Learn to use the RMT Rope to improve:

  • Functional movement

  • Motor Skills

  • Focus

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RMT Rope Clinic
Sep 30, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT
The next step to improve coordination

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sensory solutions

to challenging behaviors

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Tactile Systems + Postural Security

Why won’t my kids eat certain foods? Why won’t my kid sit still long? Why does my kid get overwhelmed and melt down so easily? Why it takes so long for my kid to do anything? Why does my child wait to use the bathroom right when we're leaving the house? My kid runs everything!


These are typical behaviors for kids that might have difficulty with sensory processing. You are not alone.

More and more kids struggle with sensory processing disorders and other neuro-differences.


Sensory Fitness offers educational videos geared for parents to gain a deep insight into children’s behaviors, strategies to use at home, and specific activities to connect challenges with solutions.

What is sensory fitness?

Sensory Fitness is a fitness program for everyone; however, it is unique in that it specializes in working with individuals with ASD, SPD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other neuro-diversities!

Sensory Fitness combines sensory integration and fitness to engage in games, exercises, and challenges to improve postural stability, whole body awareness coordination, and motor planning while promoting socialization, problem solving, and teamwork.


It is our goal for kids to build their bodies and their minds to improve regulation, motor skills, and attention to build self-awareness and self-esteem, while having fun in the process!

It is my mission to improve regulation, motor skills, attention, and self-awareness through promoting movement, intentional activities

and play.



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- Sebastian's Story -


J.J. Russo

Stockade Martial Arts

Matt is an exceptional trainer with a detailed understanding of balanced body training and designing functional workouts for sport and work specific applications.

Hernandez Family

Gig Harbor

Sensory Fitness has been a key asset in our family's journey through ASD, I don't know where we'd be without Matt He is patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and an inspiration.

Thea Sugarman Lee

Tacoma WA

Since [our son] started working out with Matt on a weekly basis, we've experienced not only an increase in his physical well-being, but emotional and mental as well.



"Helping people and families is my passion."



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