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For The Love Of Mike, Will You Please Get To Work! Ways to Help Kids With Focus and Learning

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

During this pandemic it's so much fun to corral my kids to get them to do school work. Or chores. Or clean up their crap. Sometimes I'd rather train baboons to code. But it doesn't always have to be my face yelling at them to obey my commands. There are some fun ways to get your kids' brains ready to do things they are not interested in.

So grab a cup of coffee and see how we can bring alert levels and organize young minds before accomplishing these monumental tasks we ask of our kids. Like teeth brushing, or putting clothes away, or cleaning up the milk they spilled on the floor because you are tired of making breakfast for them everyday so you want them to be more independent and let them make their own breakfast but you saw quite quickly how it's actually easier to do it yourself because it looks like they prepare a bowl of cereal blindfolded and with duct taped thumbs.

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