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A Sensory Approach to Adult ADHD

Are you an adult with ADHD? How does it affect your work? Your relationships?Your every day? 

This is a short, one hour, PACKED workshop using practical, easy to implement strategies supported by hard data and personal experience. 

Medicatin is the quickest, easiest way to treat ADHD. But what if you've chosen not to go down that path? What if you lost your meds or ran out?  Sign up and learn evidence based movement, sensory, and practical strategies to help with your everyday ADHD life. 

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Matt's Story

I was diagnosed with ADHD in the 80's, given an IEP, and after getting held back one grade, I barely graduated high school. The only help I got was in school, but never even told I had ADHD.  It wasn't until years later I found my old IEP buried in my parents house and was shocked at my diagnosis! It wasn't until I was 41 when I realized how much ADHD affected all aspects of my life! Getting re-diagnosed led me to deep dive into what ADHD actually is and how if affects my relationships, my career, my daily tasks, right down to my diet!


In the last 6 years I have dedicated to the study of ADHD and what I can do to gain control over my life. I have discovered tried and true methods to help me and my clients deal with ADHD on a daily and ongoing basis.  If you're an adult and you have been diagnosed or have a strong feeling you are on the ADHD spectrum then this short course can help you advocate, educate, medicate, and accommodate yourself and give you a starting point for a journey of self help. 

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